martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Visiting UWA 3D Open Art Challenge

Good morning people, It's been a while...Today's post I'm going to tell you my experience at the 3D Art Challenge of UWA. It's like an art gallery but virtual, at Second Life. It was really amazing, I love being there, It was a really big place...BUT I MEAN REALLY BIG SPACE!...I want to assume that is because still need to get the other art scultures of other artists xD jajaja!. This was suppose to be a contest, this art scultures where going to exhibit for months and the winner gets money...not real money, Second Life money (Yes, they got their own money like every online game).

I try to talk to someone in there, but there was only me at the exhibit xD...And when finally someone arrive, just say ''Greetings'' and left xD....oh well...

When I got there I was exploring all the scultures, I love then all! they were just amazing!

Sphere of coloooors! How cute! I love it!
I don't know why that ''Person'' over there sitting on the bank
has a name like ''PatzElric Resident'' but it was a little scary
I thought someone was stoling my identity xD.

I love that arc of colors! <3

This are the specifications of the art Challenge. Good deal.

I like this one. I not sure what It is, but it looks kind of Japanese.
I like it. It calls ''Miso Zusanowa''.

Minotaur of Carton. Amazing! I love it. So historic.

This was king of funny to see! xD.
Seriously? even in a virtual world, still exist rude people?

Ohh I think they exist...xD

My favorite piece of art without any doubts was this one: It's from someone call ''Cherry Manga''...I JUST LOVE IT! it's so fantastic, I would love to use this like a background for one of my mangas!, and it reminds me a movie call ''Dancing in the rain'', it's a musical.

DANCING IN THE RAIN (8)xD jajaja! I need to do it...
Seriously! x'D
I think learning how to make this 3D scultures would be useful for many reasons:

1.- Express you feelings and creativity with the rest of the world.
2.- Learn how to animate to make things at your own, maybe for a movie that become famous one day.
3.- Inspiration for your own creations (for me, use this like a background for one of my mangas xD)

Well, that's all for today, hope you like it. See you around.

Patz Elric

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