martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Job Interview Questionnaire

Good night my people!, for the second part of the post, I'm suppose to make a fictional interview questionnaire based on my previous post about my cover letter, job interview and resume!:

1.- What's you purpose of being a Graphic Designer?

R: Well, I want to get a job in a big company where I can be creative and show them how much I've learn about graphic design and being innovated.

2.- How much experience you got?

R: Actually I'm recently graduated in Graphic Design at URBE university, but I've made some work as a freelancer, making some logos and posters for a politic group and a dance academy.

3.- How do you handle a deadline and get a work in a very short time?

R: Being patient when I feel like I'm going to be stress out, and use all the time I have to get the work done and perfect in the time the client ask me.

4.- What brach on graphic design are you must interested in?

R: I love illustrated, I like to create characters that are on my mind and put then on paper or PC and make them look real, and I also like to edit pictures and make them look like a fantasy or create a new concept of art.

5.- What are your strenghts?

R: The knowledge of design programs, speak in other languages and work fast but always giving a good work for a client.

6.- What are your weaknesses?

R: That I always get stressful when I don't have any ideas or i feel like I have a lot to do for the very instant.

7.- What are you looking in our company?

R: Get lots of experience and let me proof you that I'm a good designer that can innovate and work in a very creative way.

8.- How do you feel about team work?

R:  It's a good way to get all the job done quickly and see every opinion and creativity of other persons and learn about it.

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