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Chinita's Fair Campaing

Good afternoon people, welcome back again to my blog...Today it's time to talk about traditions, here in my country, specifictly Maracaibo, we celebrate something call "Chinita's fair", it's a celebration of 3 days from November 17th to November 19th, and is the most important celebration of the year.

For the final project of English, we have to create in group, a campaing for the Fair and put it on Second Life to let everyone in the world see it. We decide to create 5 pieces: 3 posters, 1 Logo and a Bridge that will be use as a non-conventional publicity and exhibition of our products.

This is the fisrt one. It's our logo to invite people to the fair,
This was made by my partner Arnaldo Lugo.

 The logo was made very simple but attractive to indicate the persons from another countries what it's going to be celebrating.

This is the poster made by Arnaldo Lugo too.
The concept was to bring the musical aspect of the fair that are
the ''Gaitas'' (Traditional music).
 The gaitas are our traditional music, we hear it 24 hours, 7 days of the week, is our identity, our culture, they bring the festivity, color and joy of the celebration to the fair, hearing the cuatro (small version of a guitar), maracas and drums.

Well, now It's my turn to show you what I've made:

This is a Poster made by me, Patz Eltic, in honor to our virgin.
I made this poster based on the crafts that are always selling in front of the church where the image of Chiquinquira's Virgin is. It's very minimalist, a geometric sinthesis with cheerful a vivid colors to represent the hopes and believes of our people for our patroness. I also made an index card about the poster, because the teacher tell us, to indicate what is the piece that we created.

Now we have another poster created by my other partner Maria Marcano (Mahoureta), It's also a poster in honor to our virgin, but a little more elaborated than mine:

''This poster highlights the most important and attractive icons of the chinita's virgin, using symmetry to order the planes on which are the images and other elements.'' she explained.

Next, we have what we can call a "Non-Conventional publicity" (As the name speaks explain it, it's a publicity very unique, extravagance about a product that is trying to attract persons to see what it is).

This is the Bridge of Maracaibo, a very turistic monument, where
are always cars passing by, and is the pride and glory of every
zuliano.This bridge was also made by Arnaldo Lugo.
My partner made this bridge at Second Life using the tools for building and I ask him to send me a screenshot, It's amazing what you can do at that place, I mean look at it, It's perfect!, I thank my teacher to show us this fantastic world and a way to show our work to the people outside.

This is meee! I'm in Second Life...We are just like twins jah?
xD jajaja!

 It was kind of funny make the avatar look exactly like me, specially for my best friend Gabriel, who was always teasing me and make fun when the avatar was getting a little amorphous xD jajaja even I was laughing!...

And Finally the last picture, It's a picture that was taken in our classroom, those are all my classmates and their avatars (some of them) at Second Life, I finally get to see the picture after 2 months.

OMG I look so bad! x'( I didn't know and I was awake last night trying to
finish a work and I didn't even make-up x(.
So...To finish this post, I'll let you a mind map about what you should do to make a campaing for a product:

Well, that's all for today and I hope you can join us and celebrate with us our most important festivity of the year, we'll have an open exhibition this weekend, so join us to celebrate our Chinita...Happy Holidays!.

See you around,

Patz Elric

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