martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Chinita's Fair Campaing

Good afternoon people, welcome back again to my blog...Today it's time to talk about traditions, here in my country, specifictly Maracaibo, we celebrate something call "Chinita's fair", it's a celebration of 3 days from November 17th to November 19th, and is the most important celebration of the year.

For the final project of English, we have to create in group, a campaing for the Fair and put it on Second Life to let everyone in the world see it. We decide to create 5 pieces: 3 posters, 1 Logo and a Bridge that will be use as a non-conventional publicity and exhibition of our products.

This is the fisrt one. It's our logo to invite people to the fair,
This was made by my partner Arnaldo Lugo.

 The logo was made very simple but attractive to indicate the persons from another countries what it's going to be celebrating.

This is the poster made by Arnaldo Lugo too.
The concept was to bring the musical aspect of the fair that are
the ''Gaitas'' (Traditional music).
 The gaitas are our traditional music, we hear it 24 hours, 7 days of the week, is our identity, our culture, they bring the festivity, color and joy of the celebration to the fair, hearing the cuatro (small version of a guitar), maracas and drums.

Well, now It's my turn to show you what I've made:

This is a Poster made by me, Patz Eltic, in honor to our virgin.
I made this poster based on the crafts that are always selling in front of the church where the image of Chiquinquira's Virgin is. It's very minimalist, a geometric sinthesis with cheerful a vivid colors to represent the hopes and believes of our people for our patroness. I also made an index card about the poster, because the teacher tell us, to indicate what is the piece that we created.

Now we have another poster created by my other partner Maria Marcano (Mahoureta), It's also a poster in honor to our virgin, but a little more elaborated than mine:

''This poster highlights the most important and attractive icons of the chinita's virgin, using symmetry to order the planes on which are the images and other elements.'' she explained.

Next, we have what we can call a "Non-Conventional publicity" (As the name speaks explain it, it's a publicity very unique, extravagance about a product that is trying to attract persons to see what it is).

This is the Bridge of Maracaibo, a very turistic monument, where
are always cars passing by, and is the pride and glory of every
zuliano.This bridge was also made by Arnaldo Lugo.
My partner made this bridge at Second Life using the tools for building and I ask him to send me a screenshot, It's amazing what you can do at that place, I mean look at it, It's perfect!, I thank my teacher to show us this fantastic world and a way to show our work to the people outside.

This is meee! I'm in Second Life...We are just like twins jah?
xD jajaja!

 It was kind of funny make the avatar look exactly like me, specially for my best friend Gabriel, who was always teasing me and make fun when the avatar was getting a little amorphous xD jajaja even I was laughing!...

And Finally the last picture, It's a picture that was taken in our classroom, those are all my classmates and their avatars (some of them) at Second Life, I finally get to see the picture after 2 months.

OMG I look so bad! x'( I didn't know and I was awake last night trying to
finish a work and I didn't even make-up x(.
So...To finish this post, I'll let you a mind map about what you should do to make a campaing for a product:

Well, that's all for today and I hope you can join us and celebrate with us our most important festivity of the year, we'll have an open exhibition this weekend, so join us to celebrate our Chinita...Happy Holidays!.

See you around,

Patz Elric

Job Interview Questionnaire

Good night my people!, for the second part of the post, I'm suppose to make a fictional interview questionnaire based on my previous post about my cover letter, job interview and resume!:

1.- What's you purpose of being a Graphic Designer?

R: Well, I want to get a job in a big company where I can be creative and show them how much I've learn about graphic design and being innovated.

2.- How much experience you got?

R: Actually I'm recently graduated in Graphic Design at URBE university, but I've made some work as a freelancer, making some logos and posters for a politic group and a dance academy.

3.- How do you handle a deadline and get a work in a very short time?

R: Being patient when I feel like I'm going to be stress out, and use all the time I have to get the work done and perfect in the time the client ask me.

4.- What brach on graphic design are you must interested in?

R: I love illustrated, I like to create characters that are on my mind and put then on paper or PC and make them look real, and I also like to edit pictures and make them look like a fantasy or create a new concept of art.

5.- What are your strenghts?

R: The knowledge of design programs, speak in other languages and work fast but always giving a good work for a client.

6.- What are your weaknesses?

R: That I always get stressful when I don't have any ideas or i feel like I have a lot to do for the very instant.

7.- What are you looking in our company?

R: Get lots of experience and let me proof you that I'm a good designer that can innovate and work in a very creative way.

8.- How do you feel about team work?

R:  It's a good way to get all the job done quickly and see every opinion and creativity of other persons and learn about it.

Job Interview

Good night bloggerholics! what's up with your lifes? mine it's getting better! :) I'm going to talk you about job interviews and how to handle it to get the job that you're aspiring to get!..

First! I watched this video, I recommended to you:, and this is what I learn:

1.- Not every interview are equals, in some of then start with a couple of minutes of small talks to get to know the interviewers, and then, they can ask you about your education, experiences, benefits for the company, etc. and others can ask you more about your habilities or how to handle some kind of situations. Remember that you must have your personal stuffs like the briefcase or folders next to you or in you knees, because the desk of your future boss is their own space, and you need to respect that, and also be pacient.

2.- Sometimes you getting interview with one person, and in others its A GROUP of persons. When this happens just relax, and remember that you have to adapt your answers for every people in the group, if you get interviewer by a male and female, you must remember that females tend to ask more about feelings and stories kind of stuffs, while the males tend to ask more directly.

3.- Always dress nice for sucess. You must dress nice, sophisticated, formal, professional, clean, that depends of the job you're applying to. And try not to over-react, don't make the impression that you're trying to hard like wearing too much make-up, or wearing too much accesories, always make it simple.

4.- Always make eye contact, pay attetion of what they're saying, be respectful, enthusiastic, energetic, positive, always smile, and give a nice firm handshake when you're with your interviewer. They have to see your positive attitude but also be aware of your personality, the 80% of your job opportunity depends on that.

5.- In a coffe/restaurant interview, there are always tricks. They're not only going to see if you have experience or a great education, they're also going to see you reaction of any kind of situation and your eating manners. Make sure to have a dinning etiquette, being focus even when you have too much distractions in the place of work and talk in a audible level.

6.- If you see that your interview it's poor, don't be sad, just ask your interviewer where you went wrong and take note on what you need to get better, and always be energetic and positive attitude

7.- If in any case you get an interview by the phone, it can be as tricky as the coffe/restaurant one, why?, easy, because you can't see body language or facial expressions of the person that is in the other side of the line, so you have to make sure to have a lot of inflection in your tone of voice, because that's the only first impression you're going to give.

8.- The companies are not interest in your personal things, they're only interested in how can you be useful and make then better, so don't waste the time talking about personal experiences, family status, ethnicity, etc.

9.- If at the end of the interview you don't get a callback, don't be shy to call them!, be proactive about you career search, don't waste the time waiting for them, because they might get busy or go to another town. And always give them thanks for assisted you...

10.- If even with that you don't get a callback, don't be upset or sad, just don't give up and keep trying, you'll get a good job with practice and a good attitude! :)...

Hope this have been useful for all you guys out there that are looking for a job, always glad to help!

See you next time!

Patz Elric

Visiting UWA 3D Open Art Challenge

Good morning people, It's been a while...Today's post I'm going to tell you my experience at the 3D Art Challenge of UWA. It's like an art gallery but virtual, at Second Life. It was really amazing, I love being there, It was a really big place...BUT I MEAN REALLY BIG SPACE!...I want to assume that is because still need to get the other art scultures of other artists xD jajaja!. This was suppose to be a contest, this art scultures where going to exhibit for months and the winner gets money...not real money, Second Life money (Yes, they got their own money like every online game).

I try to talk to someone in there, but there was only me at the exhibit xD...And when finally someone arrive, just say ''Greetings'' and left xD....oh well...

When I got there I was exploring all the scultures, I love then all! they were just amazing!

Sphere of coloooors! How cute! I love it!
I don't know why that ''Person'' over there sitting on the bank
has a name like ''PatzElric Resident'' but it was a little scary
I thought someone was stoling my identity xD.

I love that arc of colors! <3

This are the specifications of the art Challenge. Good deal.

I like this one. I not sure what It is, but it looks kind of Japanese.
I like it. It calls ''Miso Zusanowa''.

Minotaur of Carton. Amazing! I love it. So historic.

This was king of funny to see! xD.
Seriously? even in a virtual world, still exist rude people?

Ohh I think they exist...xD

My favorite piece of art without any doubts was this one: It's from someone call ''Cherry Manga''...I JUST LOVE IT! it's so fantastic, I would love to use this like a background for one of my mangas!, and it reminds me a movie call ''Dancing in the rain'', it's a musical.

DANCING IN THE RAIN (8)xD jajaja! I need to do it...
Seriously! x'D
I think learning how to make this 3D scultures would be useful for many reasons:

1.- Express you feelings and creativity with the rest of the world.
2.- Learn how to animate to make things at your own, maybe for a movie that become famous one day.
3.- Inspiration for your own creations (for me, use this like a background for one of my mangas xD)

Well, that's all for today, hope you like it. See you around.

Patz Elric

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Buenas noches chicuelos!...Mucho tiempo sin pasar por aqui, he estado realmente full, let's see, para ponernos al dia: Ya tengo mi avatar en Second Life y en cualquier momento subire capturas de pantalla, estoy viendo un anime nuevo que encontre de casualidad en internet, se llama "Itasuka Tenma No Kuro-Usagi" un poco Gore y Ecchi para lo que suelo ver, pero me encanto, el ending esta acargo de una de mis cantantes japonesas favoritas Shikata Akiko, tremenda voz!, la conoci cuando me vi "Umineko no Naku koro ni" la adoro!...Full con tesis, por fin monte la revista digital de palabras maracuchas y le di un uso a la abandonada cuenta de Issuu y aumente mi nota, planeo mas cosplays para diciembre y tengo un grupal paa el año que viene de una serie que se ocupo como una de mis favoritas "Uta No Prince-Sama!", ando emocionada, y ando comprando muchas pelucas cuando puedo! xD....AHHH! y Alice me sigue trolleando! -.-! por nada del mundo quiere instalarse el juego en mi laptop al igual que Second Life. Anyway...Con esto creo que me pongo al corriente por los momentos...luego estare montando mas trabajos...See you Soon!

Saito Himea. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. LA ADORO!!

Bye bye, ^^

Patz Elric

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Prefix and Suffix

So...Good evening ladies and gentleman addict to, Welcome again to my humble blog about graphic designer and more, I need to update you about what's been going on this days...So, I'm going to make many cosplays for next month and I have a grupal cosplay for next year, which maybe my boyfriend will join me and some friends! HOW NICE~<333...Many works for University, and still in my job, I'm also going to learn Japanese next year, I'm so excited! <3, and still very tired...anyway, let's go to the thing that matters, today I'm going to talk you about Prefix and Suffix...So WHAT ARE THEY?

What is a suffix?

A suffix is a word ending. It is a group of letters you can add to the end of a root word*
e.g. walking, helpful

*A root word stands on its own as a word, but you can make new words from it by adding beginnings (prefixes) and endings (suffixes).
For example, 'comfort' is a root word. By adding the prefix 'dis' and the suffix 'able' you can make new words such as 'discomfort' and 'comfortable'.

What is a Prefix?

A prefix is a group of letters which you can add to the beginning of a root word* to change the meaning of the word. e.g. mis + fortune = misfortune

*A root word stands on its own as a word but you can make new words from it by adding beginnings (prefixes) and endings (suffixes).
For example, 'comfort' is a root word. By adding the prefix 'dis' and the suffix 'able' you can make new words such as 'discomfort' and 'comfortable'.

 So now we make that clear, we have also a game that my teacher put in her blog, I did great, until I reach the part of words with prefix and suffix at the same word x'D jajaja!, I need practice and learn morex3...So I let you the link if you want to practice :)

Information bring it to you from my english teacher Doris Molero,
If you want to play this game click HERE

That's all for today, See you next time, and remember:

"You're special in your own way, don't let anyone ever change that :)"
Patz Elric

Cover Letter

November 02, 2011
Signature HealthCARE
Luisvillle (KY)

Dear HealthCARE Signature:
I’m writing to express my interest for the entry-level position as a Junior Graphic Designer, (reference:
As my attached in my resume notes, I have 2 years working with media formats and can create any time of logos and designs. I have created campaigns for Health, Politics and Dance Academies, and I’m graduated at the University as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer with knowledge at Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. Also know how to work with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. I’m also responsible, passionate, can work in team and work well under pressure and dead-lines.
If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an interview please call me at: 7341-665-7301
Thank you for your time,
Patricia Z.

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Jobs Online and Resume

Good morning Bloggerholics, how are you on this day? , today I came to talk you guys about getting jobs online and how to make a good resume.
To make a good resume you need to name it with a name that it can’t be ¨Resume 17¨, no it needs and actual name. It’s better if you put your name and the word ¨Resume¨ in the title of the file that you´re sending.
You also need to send it in a format that every computer can read. We all know that if you write anything in a word document, when you open it in a different one, it will become a mess. So it´s better to make it as an image and converted in a PDF file. You can also put it online on your web page.
Now, talking about the jobs, today I find 2 jobs for a junior graphic designer, the first one is this, a Graphic Designer in HealthCare´s Signature:
I can work here because:
1.- I’m good writing and editing images
2.- I know how to work with Photoshop and Illustrator.
3.- It’s in another country (Louisville, KY).
4.- I’m efficient, can work under-pressure, creative, passionate, like to work with concepts and designing materials including posters, brochures, newsletters, invitations, advertisements, flyers, vouchers, direct mail, logos, art, digital concepts, etc., can work with several projects at the same time and deal dead-lines,  can work with other persons, Almost graduate it from college.
I like it because:
1.- it’s in a magazine and I can design illustrations.
2.- I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, some of Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and some HTML codes, also can work with Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft work.
3.- It’s out of country (Colorado).
4.- The money is good: 25-28000$
5.- I’m efficient, can work under-pressure, creative, passionate, like to work with typography and lots of colors, can work with other persons.
6.- Gives you the opportunity to grow and be better.
A Graphic Designer that I admire? hmmm...If I´m honest I don't know any xD, so I'll put a mangaka, her name is Matsuri Hino, She's japanese, born in Sapporo Hokkaido, and the one that make the manga of  ''Vampire Knight'' and still publishing on ''Lala's Magazine'', the plot it's very long and no one knows how many volums are going to be, also have's and anime serie with two seasons ''Vampire Knight'' and ''Vampire Knight Guilty''. I LOVE THE ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE MANGA!! <33, they're beautiful and with many little details.

I love this picture with the 3 principal characters, It's so beautiful!
I have it without the kanjis it's magnificent.

Vampire Knight Volume 8

News of Anime Version of Vampire Knight.
I LOVE this picture. Zero and Kaname look so hot!<3

Well...That's all for today, see you some other time, and remember:

''You're special in you own way, don't let anyone ever change that! :)''

Patz Elric

miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Buenos dias lectores y lectoras!

Espero pasen una hermosa mañana, hace tiempito que no escribo aqui ya! pero bueno vamos a resumir para ponernos al corriente:

Fui a la convencion en Cabimas, algo diferente, en especial por el gasto y la lejania, en si el evento estuvo algo pasivo y me mori de calor HORRIBLEMENTE!, pero no puedo exigir mucho, puesto que es el primer evento que se realiza por aquellos lares, ya luego se vera si el proximo es mejor...a muchos les gusto mi cosplay de Alice ( lo hice a la final, cumpli un sueño :)), en especial a los que no estuvieron presentes xD!...Veo a mi novio con cierta frecuencia <3, y del resto el trabajo todos los dias y tareas que manda la uni...actualizando mi pag. de para subir mis fotos nuevas de cosplay, aqui les dejo 3 fotos de mi cosplay de Alice que son las unicas que tengo por los momentos ya que no estoy en mi casa en ese presciso instante...espero les guste, y supongo que por ahora eso es todo por hoy...

Los vere en otra ocasion, See ya!

Patz Elric

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

How to use the English Dictionary

Good afternoon everyone,

Hope you're having a great time, in this review of my blog I suppose to bring you an article and show you how to use the english dictionary to define words. So...LET'S BEGING!!...

The article I brought you today, It's about Illustration, The definition of Illustation more precisely What it Illustration, What tools can you use to make an Illustration, use of it and programs...To read it, clic this link:

Illustration it's the technique of using the computer and art software to create a brand new art. Generally you use editing softwares and image software to create a new art, that doesn't mean that manipulating an image with an editing software it's an illustration, if you thought that YOU WERE WRONG!, you're suppose to use the tools of a software to create your art, a new art that comes from your head. To make an illustration, artist generally use a Graphics Tablet or a Mouse. A Graphic Table it's precisely that, a tablet, where you can draw like you have a piece of paper and make your art and save it in the computer, those tablets includes a magnetic pencil. Some artist are more confortable to work with this tablets because it has a degree of flexibility and simplify the work, and others simply use the mouse.

This is the table I have, you can connect it to the computer,
in an USB port. It came with the magnetic pencil,
a base for the pencil, and some CD's of installation, including:
Photoimpact 12, Tablet Installation for MAC pc and Windows.

To work an illustration, you need to know how to work with vector-based and raster-based, for that, you can use the 2 softwares that are the most populars and effectives: Adobe Illustrator, Use by for professionals, this program works with vectors, and Adobe Photoshop, is commontly use it by illustrators and designers, with this program you can work raster-based pictures and edit backgrounds. With those programs you can work an illustration in every area you want, specially if you like to work with web designs or other graphic designs which are the more rich marketing to produce it.

Illustrator CS5 Logo. If you love making vectors and color your
draws with gradiant mesh, this is the software for you.
Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Logo. If you like, as much as I like,
manipulate pictures, gave them some grayscale or sepia effect, or
simply make draws and gave them some color, this is the program I recomment.
Every graphic designer have it as their bible xD.
Now that you read my summary, I'll teach you how to use the dictionary, on the left side of my blog I let some english dictionary that my teacher give me on class, you pick one, any of them and start seaching some words...let's use the merriam-webster and seach for this:

"An artist might use a graphics tablets or a mouse to create digital artwork."

An: Pronuntiation: \ən, an\. Indefinite Article.
Artist: Pronuntiation: \ˈär-tist\. Noun. One who professes and practices an imaginative art.
Artwork: Pronuntiation: \ˈärt-ˌwərk\. Noun. Material (as a drawing or photograph) prepared for reproduction in printed matter.

 "The resulting image is saved to the computer, where it can be enhanced and refined."

To: Pronuntiation: \tə, t, ˈtü\. Preposition. Use as a function word to indicate purpose, intention, tendency, result or end.
Enhanced: Past of enhace. Pronuntiation: \in-ˈhan(t)s, en-\. Heighten, Increase; specially: to increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or atractiveness.
Refined: Adjetive. Free of impurities.

"The software used for digital illustration can be either vector-based or raster-based."

Software: Pronuntiation: \ˈsft-ˌwer\. Noun. The entire set of programs, procedures, and related documentation associated with a system and specially a computer system; specially: computer programs.
Vector: Pronuntiation: \ˈvek-tər\. Noun. A quantity that has magnitude and direction and that is commonly represented by a directed line segment whose length represents the magnitude and whose orientation in space represents the direction; broadly : an element of a vector space.Raster: Pronuntiation: \ˈras-tər\. Noun. A scan pattern (as of the electron beam in a cathode-ray tube) in which an area is scanned from side to side in lines from top to bottom; also : a pattern of closely spaced rows of dots that form an image (as on the cathode-ray tube of a television or computer display)
Very easy, right?, now you can consult it everytime you have doubts. I have other dictionaries in the left part of my blog. thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy this review, see you nect time, and remember:

"You're special in your own way. Don't let anyone ever change it :)"

Patz Elric

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Interviewing a graphic designer

Good afternoon everybody! welcome again to my blog.
First, before we need to know what is the meaning of graphic design:

"The art or profession of using design elements (as typhography and images) to convey information or create an effect, also: a product of this art." - Merriam-Webster
"The practice or profession of designing print or electronic forms of visual information, as for an advertisement, publication, or website." - Your Dictionary

"Is a creative process – most often involving a client and a designer and usually completed in conjunction with producers of form (i.e., printers, programmers, signmakers, etc.) – undertaken in order to convey a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience. The term "graphic design" can also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. [...]" - Wikipedia
So basically, we understand for graphic design:

"The art or profession of creating, imaging, visualize and communicate by using graphics or any other material to communicate a message in a very modern and innovate way." - Patz Elric.

Now that we now this, we can talk about what this post is about. Today we have a special review, I interview a graphic designer to tell us more about this career, his name is David Valbuena, better known at facebook as "Sasoriza Valbuena", I met him at Chibi Matsuri's anime convention and we have it know to talk to us.
1.- In your own words...what it's graphic design for you?
Graphic design it's nothing more that create, it's an idea transformed into a visual communication, in which us, as a graphic designers have the mission of representing by graphics an idea raised.
2.- What's your specialization area?
Printed matter and web designs.
3.- In which area you consider you're excellent and which one you consider need to get better?
I consider that I'm really good with photo montage, but I need to go deeper in the web pages area.
4.- How did you know you wanted to study graphic design?
I always knew it, It's my way to be, think and feel, because I came from a family who can be consider as an artistic one, for it's strong, his music, culture and design, I consider that my carrer is in my veins, I don't need any other motive to say that graphic design it's my perfect career to pick.

David Valbuena, you can contact him only making a click HERE.

5.- In which way you kept informed about the news of graphic designs?
My principal source of information it's the internet, it's one of the media more easiest to access and then get to know the advances of everyday.
6.- You consider that graphic design is a career of constant learning?
Yes, because everyday exist new ways and more versatile to express a simple idea.
7.- What's your opinion about people who disparage graphic design?
Actually none, because everyone have their point of view, applies that graphic design it's present in almost all our daily life, as a source of information to the men.
8.- Any advice for the people who what to learn graphic design?
Of course I do, have a lot of patience, because there are always people who criticize you and belittle our worksm that's why you need patience to stand critical comments and understanding to accept the positive ones.

Thanks, David "Sasoriza" Valbuena for this great oportunity to let us know me and the rest of the people what's your opinion as a professional of this wonderful career as is the graphic designer.
That's all for today, thanks for your attetion. If you like the post, you can leave me a comment below.
See you next time, and remember:
''You're special in your own way, don't let anyone ever change you :)''
Patz Elric

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

Introducing my best friend! :)

Hi people! what' up today?

I'm very happy, I have almost everything ready to go to Cabimas for my anime convention so...AGAIN! I'M HAPPY! :D...ok. ok. focus...back to the point xD

I've already introduce myself, now I have to introduce a friend, so ladys and gentleman may I present to you, my best friend Gabriel:

His name is Gabriel Flores, you can call him "Gordo Joe" (Fat Joe), We're friends since High School, He's 19 years old and it's from Maracaibo too. He studies Political Sciences and Municipal Administration and Management, and also writes for "W~Project" a blog dedicated to bring the newest information about anime. He's kind, fun, sarcastic, a good friend that always help you when you need it, good listener and really smart, BUT REALLY SMART! xD, in fact, he likes to tease me and make fun of me sometimes because I'm a little abscent-minded xD.

He's Gabriel. You can read his blog about opinion of
many themes: 

He likes to play videogames, specially "Call Of Duty", he also likes to listening to music, his favorite band it's call "Your Favorite Martian", watch Ray William Johnson's show and The Alejandro Hernandez Show, anime and movies. He enjoys to edit videos, write articules and read thrillers and espionage.

He dislikes eating soup and oatmeal. He don't like to listen vallenato, Aventura and Reggeton. He can't stand alcohol in every form it has, annoying people, and when he's in a group and no one cooperate to finish it and give him all the work to do it for the next day.

His dream is become president one day! I'll vote for you my friend :)

He thinks that learning english is important for anyone, because at this time is the universal language at the moment to establish international relationships, and is a second language that is not less important for people to learn. He practice and learn english from school, university, encyclopedias and most of it...he learns that language from playing videogames x3, but he actually never when to a course (Centro electronico de Idiomas, CEVAZ, etc.). If he would like to learn it?, he says that every new knowledge is acceptable, and he would like to pulish his skills to speak and hear english.

Mind map of my friend. My photoshop fail, so the lines
are ugly :(, but still I like it the way I put his characteristic.
Well, know you know my best friend, hope you liked to meet him :)

See you next time, and remember:

"You're special in your own way, don't let anyone ever change it! :)"

Patz Elric

Welcome to my blog: Another piece of my head

Hello bloggerholics! How are you today?

I made this blog for my english class at the university, I'll be posting works I'm doing and practicing english. Also I'll be sharing some of my thoughts and favorite things to do, specially those that are related with graphic design.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Patricia Zabala, but you can call me "Patz", everyone does. My internet ID is always "Patz Elric" (The last name is not mine, it's the last name of one of my favorite characters Edward Elric), I'm 20 years old, I'm from Maracaibo and I'm studying Graphic Desing. My favorite subjects are those that let me draw like cartoonist, Draw I, etc. I'm almost graduated, I'm in the 8th trimester, YIEI! :D.

Me and my best friend at Chibi Matsuri's Convention
doing cosplay of Beetlejuice xD.

My favorite color is pink, I like fashion, make-up, Decora and Gothic Lolitas too :). My favorite time period is the victorian, I love those long dresses with corsets, ribbons and laces <3.
I love travelling, cats and music in every languages, specially Japanese, Korean and English, I also like drawing, read and watch anime (Japanese Cartoons) and manga (Japanese Comics), I also like to wear Cosplays and go to conventions to take photos and buy some stuff. I love eating pizza, chocolates, sushi, hamburgers, fish,etc. I like to hang out with friends and of course my family, and surfing on the internet.  I love photography, I like to take thousands of photographs, I can take like 300 photos in 2 days (if is a convention, I can xD).

I hate Judgmental people, the hypocrisy, stupid comments, close minds, fights, wars, politics and racism. I can stand a person who smoke, specially because I'm an asthmatic and allergic person. I hate those kinds of people that is always telling you what to do, what to wear and how to be, READ THIS: I'm gonna be the person I WANT TO BE, you don't like it, too bad! :).

Photo by: Natacha Ramos
My dream it's visit Japan, at least once, it's a great country and the people it's just amazing with their advanced technology and their culture. I want to became a famous person who can do important things. I want to become a great cartoonist, specially a mangaka (people who draw mangas) or maybe work in a big important company, and what everyone wants in life, travel all around the world, meet everything and everybody, and then when I've known all, get marry and have a family :)<3.

I think English is an important language to learn because is universal, easy to learn and you can communicate with persons from all around the world, specially if they don't speak you own language.

Well I think that's all about me, Hope you like it, and always come by to see what I post, leave me a comment if you like my blog and give me a recommendation. Thank you all! :)

You're special in your own way, don't let anyone ever to change it!

Patz Elric

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Construyendo partes de un cosplay

Buenas noches queridos lectores,

Espero la esten pasando excelente en esta noche, yo por mi parte soy feliz, fui hoy a comprar materiales para mi cosplay de Alice...SII! es un hecho, ire a la convencion, wiii! :DD!!...y busque ya las telas para mi vestido :), mi tia me lo hara y un amigo me hara el cuchillo que usare para este cosplay. Yo por mi parte hare los detalles menores porque si soy franca no se coser :S quisiera aprender la verdad, y bueno tampoco se trabajar en madera...en fin, aqui publico las partecitas que si puedo hacer, como por ejemplo, el collar de Alice! :D

Pantalla de Inicio al juego.

Me decidi por su tradicional vestido azul porque tengo solo 2 semanas para tenerlo listo, y es uno de los mas sencillos para terminarlo rapido (al menos eso es lo que pienso yo), pero mas adelante hare las demas versiones si Dios quiere! :), esta Alice tiene muchos vestidos hermosos, son un arte y un deleite a mis ojos otakus/cosplayeros <3, jajaja x3. En fin como dije arriba aqui montare las cosas que si puedo hacer, como su muy facil, para ello utilize una tecnica que aprendi por alla por taller de diseño grafico 4 o 5 (para armar un rompecabezas gigante con la forma de una obra de arte), que es utilizar carton gris y carton corrugado :) les enseño:


- Carton Corrugado (cualquier color, total con el mastique y la pintura no se notara xD)
- Carton Gris (yo utilize uno que es mas o menos duro, pero pueden comprar uno un poco mas delgado, eso depende de como lo quieran).
- Exacto y Tijeras (Para marcar y cortar claro, pues el carton es a veces muy duro para cortarlo solamente con las tijeras).
- Mastique (Ese material espeso de color blanco que utilizar para tapar los huecos y abolladuras en las paredes).
- Silicon Frio (Para pegarlo todo y quede bien).
- Lima (Esto es para alisar los bordes que quedan descuadrados y asperos del carton gris cuando lo cortas, si no tienes una puedes usar las que usan para los pies o para las uñas xD tambien sirven, en especial la 2da para espacios muy pequeños).
- Lijas (las venden en las ferreterias, es del tamaño de una hoja, pero es gris y aspera y detras esta el numero del grosor: la 1200 o 1600 si no mal recuerdo es la mas baja, y hasta la 80 o 60 es la mas dura).
- Pintura al Frio (El color lo escoges dependiendo de lo que vayas a hacer, yo por mi parte utilizare un gris o un plateado ya que hare una cadena y debo simular el color del metal).
- Argolla y cadena (Para tener como colgartelo como collar luego claro esta x3<3)

Pasos a seguir:

1.- Dibuja en el carton gris la forma del objeto que vayas a realizar, en mi caso el simbolo Omega del collar de Alice.

2.- Corta con el exacto la figura.

Esa foto fue por ocio xD. Esas son las 2 partes del
simbolo ya cortadas, puestas asi me hizo recordar
la forma de los corazones de Queensland en el juego x3
 3.- Corta una tira de papel corrugado. Es preferiblemente, recomendable y hasta OBLIGATORIO de que la parte corrugada quede mirando hacia arriba, para que asi se te haga mas facil doblarlo y darle la forma del objeto deseado. Yo en mi caso corte la tira de mas o menos 1cm, ya que es un collar, no necesariamente tiene que quedar tan gruesa como la herradura de un caballo xD.

Por siacaso lo volvi a cortar porque habia quedado mal el otro borde xD

4.- Echa el silicon frio alrededor del borde. Espera al menos unos segundos a que vaya secandose un poco, para que asi se adhiera de una vez el carton corrugado y luego, pegalo dandole la forma del objeto deseado.

El exceso se corta, pero trata de que queden juntos los 2
extremos para pegarlos bien luego.

5.- Pega la otra tapa de la figura encima del carton corrugado. y Listo, ya tienes la figura toda ensamblada! :).

6.- Con una lima de uñas, de pies o una verdadera lima, jajaja xD! lija los bordes del objeto para que queden lisos y cuadren mejor. Porque, seamos francos, si tienes un pulso malo seguramente te habra quedado un poco chueco, cuadrado, fuera de lugar, etc xD asi que es necesario, y mas que todo bueno para que cuadre y se alisen. Un consejo: Cuando hagan esta parte de lijar, usen una mascarilla porque el polvo que suelta es mucho y eso puede ahogarte.

Si, yo tuve que usar una lima de pies porque no consegui
la que se usa realmente para hacer esto x'D.

7.- Hecha el mastique por todo el objeto. Por mi parte antes de hacer esto, introducire la argolla para colgar el collar o la pegare, antes de hechar el mastique, porque a lo mejor no es facil de pegar ni se ve estetico que se vea fuera de lugar en ves de unida al objeto.

8.- Cuando este seco, con las lijas, lija (valga la redundancia xD) varias veces el objeto hasta que sientas que quede liso y sin asperesas. El mastique ayudara a que el objeto quede mas resistente.

9.- Pintalo y cuelgalo. Y YA ESTA! hemos hecho el collar de Alice.

Simple, Sencillo y Ecomomico! Genial no? :). Espero les haya servido y divertido este pequeño tutorial, se que a mi si me esta sirviendo en estos momentos! :).

Gracias a todos por su atencion, y si van a utilizar este tutorial tal cual esta, no olviden decir de quien sacaron la idea y recomendar mi blog.

Me despido, y recuerden, nadie te dice que debes hacer, ser o decir, tu eres el que decide, siempre vive tus sueños, eres especial a tu manera.

Patz Elric

PD: Aun no he terminado el collar asi que no tengo mas fotos, estare actualizando este post para colocar las imagenes que faltan :).