martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Job Interview

Good night bloggerholics! what's up with your lifes? mine it's getting better! :) I'm going to talk you about job interviews and how to handle it to get the job that you're aspiring to get!..

First! I watched this video, I recommended to you:, and this is what I learn:

1.- Not every interview are equals, in some of then start with a couple of minutes of small talks to get to know the interviewers, and then, they can ask you about your education, experiences, benefits for the company, etc. and others can ask you more about your habilities or how to handle some kind of situations. Remember that you must have your personal stuffs like the briefcase or folders next to you or in you knees, because the desk of your future boss is their own space, and you need to respect that, and also be pacient.

2.- Sometimes you getting interview with one person, and in others its A GROUP of persons. When this happens just relax, and remember that you have to adapt your answers for every people in the group, if you get interviewer by a male and female, you must remember that females tend to ask more about feelings and stories kind of stuffs, while the males tend to ask more directly.

3.- Always dress nice for sucess. You must dress nice, sophisticated, formal, professional, clean, that depends of the job you're applying to. And try not to over-react, don't make the impression that you're trying to hard like wearing too much make-up, or wearing too much accesories, always make it simple.

4.- Always make eye contact, pay attetion of what they're saying, be respectful, enthusiastic, energetic, positive, always smile, and give a nice firm handshake when you're with your interviewer. They have to see your positive attitude but also be aware of your personality, the 80% of your job opportunity depends on that.

5.- In a coffe/restaurant interview, there are always tricks. They're not only going to see if you have experience or a great education, they're also going to see you reaction of any kind of situation and your eating manners. Make sure to have a dinning etiquette, being focus even when you have too much distractions in the place of work and talk in a audible level.

6.- If you see that your interview it's poor, don't be sad, just ask your interviewer where you went wrong and take note on what you need to get better, and always be energetic and positive attitude

7.- If in any case you get an interview by the phone, it can be as tricky as the coffe/restaurant one, why?, easy, because you can't see body language or facial expressions of the person that is in the other side of the line, so you have to make sure to have a lot of inflection in your tone of voice, because that's the only first impression you're going to give.

8.- The companies are not interest in your personal things, they're only interested in how can you be useful and make then better, so don't waste the time talking about personal experiences, family status, ethnicity, etc.

9.- If at the end of the interview you don't get a callback, don't be shy to call them!, be proactive about you career search, don't waste the time waiting for them, because they might get busy or go to another town. And always give them thanks for assisted you...

10.- If even with that you don't get a callback, don't be upset or sad, just don't give up and keep trying, you'll get a good job with practice and a good attitude! :)...

Hope this have been useful for all you guys out there that are looking for a job, always glad to help!

See you next time!

Patz Elric

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