martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

Welcome to my blog: Another piece of my head

Hello bloggerholics! How are you today?

I made this blog for my english class at the university, I'll be posting works I'm doing and practicing english. Also I'll be sharing some of my thoughts and favorite things to do, specially those that are related with graphic design.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Patricia Zabala, but you can call me "Patz", everyone does. My internet ID is always "Patz Elric" (The last name is not mine, it's the last name of one of my favorite characters Edward Elric), I'm 20 years old, I'm from Maracaibo and I'm studying Graphic Desing. My favorite subjects are those that let me draw like cartoonist, Draw I, etc. I'm almost graduated, I'm in the 8th trimester, YIEI! :D.

Me and my best friend at Chibi Matsuri's Convention
doing cosplay of Beetlejuice xD.

My favorite color is pink, I like fashion, make-up, Decora and Gothic Lolitas too :). My favorite time period is the victorian, I love those long dresses with corsets, ribbons and laces <3.
I love travelling, cats and music in every languages, specially Japanese, Korean and English, I also like drawing, read and watch anime (Japanese Cartoons) and manga (Japanese Comics), I also like to wear Cosplays and go to conventions to take photos and buy some stuff. I love eating pizza, chocolates, sushi, hamburgers, fish,etc. I like to hang out with friends and of course my family, and surfing on the internet.  I love photography, I like to take thousands of photographs, I can take like 300 photos in 2 days (if is a convention, I can xD).

I hate Judgmental people, the hypocrisy, stupid comments, close minds, fights, wars, politics and racism. I can stand a person who smoke, specially because I'm an asthmatic and allergic person. I hate those kinds of people that is always telling you what to do, what to wear and how to be, READ THIS: I'm gonna be the person I WANT TO BE, you don't like it, too bad! :).

Photo by: Natacha Ramos
My dream it's visit Japan, at least once, it's a great country and the people it's just amazing with their advanced technology and their culture. I want to became a famous person who can do important things. I want to become a great cartoonist, specially a mangaka (people who draw mangas) or maybe work in a big important company, and what everyone wants in life, travel all around the world, meet everything and everybody, and then when I've known all, get marry and have a family :)<3.

I think English is an important language to learn because is universal, easy to learn and you can communicate with persons from all around the world, specially if they don't speak you own language.

Well I think that's all about me, Hope you like it, and always come by to see what I post, leave me a comment if you like my blog and give me a recommendation. Thank you all! :)

You're special in your own way, don't let anyone ever to change it!

Patz Elric

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