martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

Introducing my best friend! :)

Hi people! what' up today?

I'm very happy, I have almost everything ready to go to Cabimas for my anime convention so...AGAIN! I'M HAPPY! :D...ok. ok. focus...back to the point xD

I've already introduce myself, now I have to introduce a friend, so ladys and gentleman may I present to you, my best friend Gabriel:

His name is Gabriel Flores, you can call him "Gordo Joe" (Fat Joe), We're friends since High School, He's 19 years old and it's from Maracaibo too. He studies Political Sciences and Municipal Administration and Management, and also writes for "W~Project" a blog dedicated to bring the newest information about anime. He's kind, fun, sarcastic, a good friend that always help you when you need it, good listener and really smart, BUT REALLY SMART! xD, in fact, he likes to tease me and make fun of me sometimes because I'm a little abscent-minded xD.

He's Gabriel. You can read his blog about opinion of
many themes: 

He likes to play videogames, specially "Call Of Duty", he also likes to listening to music, his favorite band it's call "Your Favorite Martian", watch Ray William Johnson's show and The Alejandro Hernandez Show, anime and movies. He enjoys to edit videos, write articules and read thrillers and espionage.

He dislikes eating soup and oatmeal. He don't like to listen vallenato, Aventura and Reggeton. He can't stand alcohol in every form it has, annoying people, and when he's in a group and no one cooperate to finish it and give him all the work to do it for the next day.

His dream is become president one day! I'll vote for you my friend :)

He thinks that learning english is important for anyone, because at this time is the universal language at the moment to establish international relationships, and is a second language that is not less important for people to learn. He practice and learn english from school, university, encyclopedias and most of it...he learns that language from playing videogames x3, but he actually never when to a course (Centro electronico de Idiomas, CEVAZ, etc.). If he would like to learn it?, he says that every new knowledge is acceptable, and he would like to pulish his skills to speak and hear english.

Mind map of my friend. My photoshop fail, so the lines
are ugly :(, but still I like it the way I put his characteristic.
Well, know you know my best friend, hope you liked to meet him :)

See you next time, and remember:

"You're special in your own way, don't let anyone ever change it! :)"

Patz Elric

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