viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Jobs Online and Resume

Good morning Bloggerholics, how are you on this day? , today I came to talk you guys about getting jobs online and how to make a good resume.
To make a good resume you need to name it with a name that it can’t be ¨Resume 17¨, no it needs and actual name. It’s better if you put your name and the word ¨Resume¨ in the title of the file that you´re sending.
You also need to send it in a format that every computer can read. We all know that if you write anything in a word document, when you open it in a different one, it will become a mess. So it´s better to make it as an image and converted in a PDF file. You can also put it online on your web page.
Now, talking about the jobs, today I find 2 jobs for a junior graphic designer, the first one is this, a Graphic Designer in HealthCare´s Signature:
I can work here because:
1.- I’m good writing and editing images
2.- I know how to work with Photoshop and Illustrator.
3.- It’s in another country (Louisville, KY).
4.- I’m efficient, can work under-pressure, creative, passionate, like to work with concepts and designing materials including posters, brochures, newsletters, invitations, advertisements, flyers, vouchers, direct mail, logos, art, digital concepts, etc., can work with several projects at the same time and deal dead-lines,  can work with other persons, Almost graduate it from college.
I like it because:
1.- it’s in a magazine and I can design illustrations.
2.- I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, some of Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and some HTML codes, also can work with Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft work.
3.- It’s out of country (Colorado).
4.- The money is good: 25-28000$
5.- I’m efficient, can work under-pressure, creative, passionate, like to work with typography and lots of colors, can work with other persons.
6.- Gives you the opportunity to grow and be better.
A Graphic Designer that I admire? hmmm...If I´m honest I don't know any xD, so I'll put a mangaka, her name is Matsuri Hino, She's japanese, born in Sapporo Hokkaido, and the one that make the manga of  ''Vampire Knight'' and still publishing on ''Lala's Magazine'', the plot it's very long and no one knows how many volums are going to be, also have's and anime serie with two seasons ''Vampire Knight'' and ''Vampire Knight Guilty''. I LOVE THE ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE MANGA!! <33, they're beautiful and with many little details.

I love this picture with the 3 principal characters, It's so beautiful!
I have it without the kanjis it's magnificent.

Vampire Knight Volume 8

News of Anime Version of Vampire Knight.
I LOVE this picture. Zero and Kaname look so hot!<3

Well...That's all for today, see you some other time, and remember:

''You're special in you own way, don't let anyone ever change that! :)''

Patz Elric

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